Newborn Product Suggestions

Newborn Prep Kit – what should I have in my Nursery? Having a new baby is so wonderfully exciting, but preparing for the baby can be so overwhelming. Friends, family, and even people on the street have all sorts of ideas about what products and things new parents should have. As a pediatrician, there are some

Coronavirus COVID-19

This week, the news of the new strain of Coronavirus has spread wildly – how do you know if you should be really worried or not? What should you do if you have travel plans? How do we prepare? COVID-19 In general, viruses thrive when people live through them and are passed from person to

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash – the painful red irritated dreaded rash all babies experience at least once. Some babies seem to get them repeatedly and some only occasionally. But nothing is more heart wrenching than a sore bottom and screaming diaper changes knowing your baby is in pain. What Is Diaper Rash? Diaper rash occurs when the

Cough in Babies and Children

Cough in Babies And Children Winter in the pediatrician’s office means cough: wet cough, dry cough, constant cough, barky cough, nighttime cough, and cough-so-hard–she-vomits cough. It rings out in the night and shakes your son or daughter’s body violently. So why does this happen, and when should you call or go see your doctor? What

Taking Your Baby’s Temperature

Taking Your Baby’s Temperature The most accurate thermometer is in fact the old school glass ones with mercury in them. Remember those? I do. They would fall and break and out would flow the liquid mercury….the toxic liquid mercury. This is why we now have a variety of thermometers to choose from: digital rectal/oral/axillary thermometers digital

Sunscreen and Children

Happy September! The summer at work has been filled mostly with healthy babies and children coming in for their well child visits. There are newborns and 6 month olds and oh-so-many 5 year olds eagerly getting ready for kindergarten. There are camp physicals and sports physicals and pre-college physicals, too. Scattered here and there are