Bio Gaia – 100 million CFUs of L. reuteri per serving. Comes in infant drops or chewable tabs

BioGaia Protectis Probiotics Drops for Baby, Infants, Newborn and Kids

BioGaia ProTectis Chewable Tablets for Toddlers, Kids, and Teens

Mary Ruth’s Liquid Organic Probiotics – this product is high quality and packed with great probiotic strains

Organic Liquid Probiotics by MaryRuth’s (Plant-Based) – Men Women Kids Babies Toddlers

Culturelle – A nice chewable for older children. Also one with Vitamin D for infants

Culturelle Kids Chewable Daily Probiotic for Kids | Natural Berry Flavor Daily Supplement | 30 count | Age 3+

Culturelle Baby Grow and Thrive Probiotic + Vitamin D Drops

Garden of Life’s RAW Probiotics for Kids – 5 billion CFUs of 5 probiotics in liquid form. Also contains a blend of carbohydrate from fruits and vegetables

Garden of Life – RAW Probiotics Kids – Acidophilus and Bifidobacteria Organic Probiotic

Gerber Soothe Infant Probitoc – A great option for a daily or temporary infant probiotic

Gerber Soothe Infant Probiotic

Udo’s Choice Infant or Children’s Probiotic– each packet contains a total of 2 billion CFUs of 7 strains

Yogurt or Kefir with live cultures are also a wonderful addition to everyone’s diet (a typical serving of yogurt contains about 1 billion CFUs)